Most first-time property investors find comfort in professional advisers guiding their investment journey. As there are a lot of complex, multifaceted property concepts to understand, as well as convoluted processes, professional assistance helps newbies avoid damaging mistakes and financial disaster. However, choosing the right investment property advisor is key. Finding the best person for you can be hard, especially when you’re not sure what to look for; here are our tips for picking the right investment property manager, helping you invest safely.

Make location-based decisions

Property investment advisors are dispersed across the country, from inner-city professionals to rural, inland consultants. Though you may think to choose a consultant close to you makes for everyday convenience, it’s essential to find someone who knows your investment location intimately. Especially for niche areas or suburbs interstate, your local advisors may not have the knowledge you need, instead, providing you with advice that isn’t relevant to your desired area.

Pick one in your chosen investment

There are two distinct types of property investments, commercial and residential. While the principles of investing for both kinds of property are much the same, the processes and selection criteria are much different. Despite having an investment property expert you’ve relied on in the past, their expertise may not cover this specific investment strategy. Always opt for professionals who specialise in the investment style you need, as the advice will be more precise, tailored, and current for the present market.

Goal alignment

The right property investment professional for you is different for each person; as we all have different goals and ways of working, the professional you choose needs to align with how you want to operate your investment and appreciate what you hope to achieve. Some property investment experts can take advantage of new investors, persuading them away from their initial plans and into something less lucrative, or less tailored to their goals. If you’re experiencing issues communicating with them, or you find you aren’t gelling with their personality, you’re best to move on.

Regard qualifications highly

Property investors are required to hold specific qualifications before being legally able to provide advice. These qualifications do change over time, as industry standards change; with a little research online, you will be able to find the current requirements your advisor needs. As you’re trusting them with your financial future, ensure who you’ve picked meets current regulations, and is passionate about developing their knowledge continually.

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