If you can see the potential in your investment property as an ideal family home, you’ll want to do everything you can to maximise its appeal to your target market and secure a sale as quickly as possible. So what renovations could you carry out in order to achieve this? Here are a few ideas:

1. Create more storage space

With multiple people in one household, families just come with a lot more stuff, so ample storage is paramount. This is particularly important if your property is more compact, doesn’t have a loft or has limited outdoor storage space. Consider the property’s layout and make best use of it; for instance, you could add fitted wardrobes or build a cupboard under the stairs.

2. Build a garage

If the property has room for a garage, why not upgrade the old garden shed? A family will appreciate a larger space that they can park a car in, or at least use for extra storage.

3. Add more bathrooms

Parents with young children will immediately be put off if your property has a shower but no bath. What’s more, families will appreciate having access to more than one bathroom, and more bathrooms could help to increase your property’s value.

Make sure the property has at least one bath, and if space allows, consider adding an extra bathroom. You could create a downstairs WC to complement the larger family bathroom upstairs, or you could add an ensuite to the master bedroom to give parents their own space.

4. Increase privacy

Parents will want their family home to be as private as possible for security reasons. You can deter trespassers and maximise privacy by adding fencing and gates to the front and sides of the property, and making sure all existing fencing is in excellent condition.

5. Add another parking space

Even if the property already boasts a single off-road parking space, some families will have more than one car and would appreciate being able to park all of their vehicles on their property. Also, getting young children out of car seats next to a busy road isn’t ideal. So why not transform the front garden into an extra parking space?

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