Purchasing an investment property represents a huge financial commitment, meaning that renovating a whole property before getting tenants in may not be the most viable option. Whether you’re going to save up to renovate your entire investment property or you just want to make some minor changes, we’ve got some tips on how to spruce up the place.

Painting is great for an instant refresh Painting is a cost-effective way to refresh or even transform the look of your investment property. What’s great about painting is that you’re not just limited to walls; think about how you could spruce up your cabinets, doors and other fixtures around the house!

Use neutral colours as these are often the easiest to touch up and are the most attractive to tenants. Be sure to have a chat with a professional about the best way to go about this though, as you may find that some fixtures such as wooden cabinets require a specific primer before painting if you want to get the best finish.

Attention to detail is key Making small changes can have a huge impact when it comes to modernising a house. Think about switching up outdated bathroom and kitchen taps for more modern styles. Consider a different finish than traditional silver for an immediate update.

The same applies to door handles and the handles on your cabinets, which can really tie together the look of a room. Update your benchtops Looking to make an impactful change to your kitchen without the cost of a full renovation?

Upgrading your benchtops can modernise your kitchen and make it far more appealing to tenants. A word of advice, this is an area where you’ll want to invest as cheaper materials run the risk of staining easily. Timber and granite make for great classic options that will bring new life to your kitchen.

Have a light bulb moment Bad lighting can make even the most elegant rooms appear dull and uninviting. Brighten up the property with built-in lighting, or for real visual impact, invest in pendant lighting to create a focal point for a room.

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