Oliver’s passion for property has taken him from property investor to creating one of the most innovative Buyer’s Agency in Australia.

After building a multi-million dollar property portfolio within Australia, he set out to build his own Buyer’s Agency Company because; “He saw value in buyer’s agents, he used one early on in his journey, even when confident with his property market knowledge”

Living Property was founded not only to service buyer’s on their property journey. But also to help clients add instant value with renovation works “He loves finding diamonds in the rough, the ugly duckling and turning it into instant equity”, Property Renovation is a strength of Olivers, and Living Property offers this service to their clients.

“Building a company based on personalised service and attention to detail., coming from a career owning restaurants that saw these attributes placed on the top of the list, along with a decade in the Construction industry on the tools and as a project manager.

”Oliver is not only founder and business owner but the father of twins.

“ I get asked a lot about the balance between our business and family life, and how I make it work…. The truth is my business is what makes my family life so fun and easy to accommodate. “


We are Experienced

We are Effective

We are Flexible

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